how to make Facebook Colorful Status Comment Message 2016

If you are using the facebook then you would also know this feature. Here are some codes with the help of this you can make colourfull Status , Comment and message. Copy these codes for colorful text in Facebook.

Make Facebook Status comment Colorful

Example, for red text copy <fg=b0ff0000>TEXT
remove ‘TEXT’ and write your own status,comment or msg.
All Color Codes

  • <fg=b000ffff>Aqua
  • <fg=b0000000>Black
  • <fg=b00000ff>Blue
  • <fg=b0a52a2a>Brown
  • <fg=b0d2691e>Chocolate
  • <fg=b00b22222>Fire Brick
  • <fg=b0ffd700>Gold
  • <fg=b0808080>Gray
  • <fg=b0008000>Green
  • <fg=b04b0082>Indigo
  • <fg=b0f0e68c>Khaki
  • <fg=b07cfc00>Lawn Green
  • <fg=b000ff00>Lime
  • <fg=b0ff00ff>Magenta
  • <fg=b0191970>Midmight Blue
  • <fg=b0000080>Navy
  • <fg=b0808000>Olive
  • <fg=b0ffa500>Orange
  • <fg=b0da70d6>Orchid
  • <fg=b0cd853f>Peru
  • <fg=b0ffc0cb>Pink
  • <fg=b0800080>Purple
  • <fg=b0ff0000>Red
  • <fg=b02f8b57>Sea Green
  • <fg=b0a0522d>Sienna
  • <fg=b0c0c0c0>Silver
  • <fg=b000ff7f>Spring Green
  • <fg=b04682b4>Steel Blue
  • <fg=b0d2b48c>Tan
  • <fg=b0008080>Teal
  • <fg=b0ff6347>Tomato
  • <fg=b040e0d0>Torquoise
  • <fg=b0ee82ee>Violet
  • <fg=b0f5deb3>Wheat
  • <fg=b0ffffff>White
  • <fg=b0ffff00>Yellow
  • <fg=b09acd32>Yellow Green

Note: This will only be visible in Facebook App not in browser
That’s it you are done with it hopefully you enjoyed Follow my blog for more updates


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