How To Bypass Or Unblock Blocked Website Google Chrome 2016

How To Bypass Or Unblock Blocked Website Google Chrome

There are different types of security implemented to block sites in schools, colleges like facebook, twitter and youtube. To access blocked website we need proxy. There are many ways to change proxy one is manual proxy setting to change proxy settings by yourself and the other is to use automatic proxy setting. so we are going to access blocked sites though automatic proxy setting with Google Chrome Extension so i will tell you how to bypass or unblock blocked sites. Just follow the steps below

Unblock Website Through Google Chrome Extension

1. Connect your computer , laptop to Wi-Fi or broadband connection from which you want to access blocked sites.

2. Open Google chrome browser and download the Green earth extension.

3. Click on the extension icon on your browser and type Green earth in search box

4. Now browsec ad on will b displayed

5. Click on add to chrome on the upper left corner of popup

6. Now a process will start to add browse to your chrome, it will take a few seconds

7. Now After the installation process a Green Earth icon will be added to your chrome browser on the right most upper corner of browser just under the close button.

8. Now click on it and click on protect me.

9. Now you will see multiple servers in dropdown list.

10. Select your server from it and Now you can access any website.

So that’s it we have done with How to Bypass or Unblock blocked website Google chrome 2016. Hopefully you enjoyed please do share with your friends and follow my website for latest updates.


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