How To Use Whatsapp Without Original Number


Unfortunately this method isn’t working any more. I have Got working method you can see by going to link below 

How To Create WhatsApp Account without Your Number 

To Use Whatsapp It Is Necessary To Have A Mobile No To Create An Account For Whatsapp. So If You Do Not Want To Use Your Original Phone Number You Can Still Use Whatsapp To Get Connected With Your Friends. But You Need A Phone Number (Not Yours) To Create Whatsapp Account So I Will Tell You How To Do Just Follow The Steps

Use WhatsApp Without Original Number

Note: If You Are Already Using Whatsapp First Unistall And Then Intall Form Playstore

1. You Need A Phone Number Go  here From There You Will Get A Free Mobile Number.

K7 Is A Unified Messaging Provides You With A Free Phone Number

2. If You Do Not Have K7 Account Then Create Your Account On K7

How To Create K7 Account

3. Now Open Your Whatsapp And Add Your Number To It (Provided By K7) And Put +1 In Country Code Box.

4. Tap Ok Wait For Sms Verification It Will Take Five Minutes 

5. After Five Minutes Sms Verification Will Be Failed And It Will Ask You To Try Voice Verification.

6. Tap Call Me Button And It Will Send Six Digit Code To Your K7 Number. 

7. Go To K7 Account, Take Your Code And Put It In Whatsapp.

8. That’s It You Have Created Whatsapp With Fake Number Enjoy

Hope You Liked My Trick Just Follow My Blog For More Tricks 🙂


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