How to Update Adobe Flash Player

How to Update Adobe Flash Player

When you are watching online vedios on Dailymotion or YouTube you need adobe flash player to play your desired vedios
If your flash player is not updated it will show an error or ask you to update So just follow the steps below

Update Adobe Flash Player

1. Open your Web Browser and Go to the adobe’s website.

2. Now, you need to search for Flash Player using Adobe’s search bar, once you found it Click on Get Adobe Flash Player and then Click on Install Now.

3. Now the file will be downloaded on your pc. You need to Open that file in order to run the updates. You may find that file in the Downloads folder of your PC.

4. Once you have opened that file then you’ll have a new window. You need to Click on Install Adobe Flash Player.

5. Now, it will give you a message, you need to Click on Open to proceed and then it may ask you to enter the Administrator Password to proceed if you have set any.

6. Then it will begin the installation, however, make sure that you’ve closed the browser window otherwise it will not proceed the installation.

7. Ones it is done, your web browser will be restarted with a Thank You message.

So that’s it we have done with How to Update Adobe Flash Player. Hopefully you enjoyed please do share with your friends and follow my website for latest updates.


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