How To Get Automatic Proxy Setting For Google Chrome With Hola Extension

Google Chrome is a popular web browser you all know about that with a lot of extension for different functions. Hola Extension is for changing proxy. It have different countries proxy so just select country which proxy you want to use
just follow steps below

Get Automatic Proxy Setting For Google Chrome

1. Open Chrome Browser On Address Bar Upper Left Corner There Is Sign Like = but 3 lines

2. Just Click On It. A Dropdown Menu Will Appear Click On Setting. Now A Window Appears On Left Side Of Window There Are Different Options Just Click On Extension And Then Click Get More Extension Button Which Is Located In Center Of Page.

3. New Window Appears There Is Search Box On Upper Left Corner.Type Hola Better Internet And Hit Enter.After Search Different Extensions Would Appear On Your Screen So You Need Hola Better Internet Engine, Click On Free Button. A New Window Would Appear Click Add Download Will Start.

4. When Download Completes A New Tab Opens With A New Message. Thankyou For Installing Hola Better Internet.

5. There Is A Button Install Extension Click On It And Then Click Add. After That A Notification Will Appear That Hola Better Internet Has Been Added To Chrome And You Will See A Small Icon Of Hola Extension On Address Bar.

6. Click On Hola Extension Icon Which Is On Address Bar On Upper Left. You Will See It Shows Different Countries So Click On More A Dropdown Menu Appears And Select Which Country You Want To Select.
That’s It You Are Done Hopefully You Enjoyed. Follow My Blog For More Updates


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