How To Create Temporary Email Address

Email address is a type of identification by which an email receiver identifies the person who sends mail to him/her. That’s why while creating an email address you need to enter your personal details that must be valid So here we have a method To Create Fake Email Address. By this, you can create a fake email address that will get auto-deleted after ten minutes. Just follow the below steps to proceed.

How To Create Fake Email Address

The method of creating a fake email address is very simple and easy as these are based on online websites that will provide you a free email address without taking any personal details from you.

1. 10Minutemail
10 Minute Mail will provide you a temporary e-mail address. Any e-mails sent to that address will show up automatically on the web page. You can read them, click on links, and even reply to them. The email address will expire after 10 minutes.

2. Mailinator
Mailinator is a free, Public, Email System where you can use any inbox you want. You will be given a Mailinator address which you can use anytime a website asks for an email address. The public emails you will receive will be auto-deleted after few hours from receiving.

3. GuerrillaMail
It is one of the most user-friendly ones out there, with this, you can get disposable email ID easily. You need to enter the details and the Fake email ID will be generated. Moreover, this also lets you send emails with attachment up to 150MB. You will be provided with a temporary email address which you can use to verify some websites which require email address.

So this method is for How To Create Fake Email Address. By this, you can create multiple fake addresses without entering any personal details. Hopefully you enjoyed follow for more updates


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