How to create K7 Account (Free US Number)

K7 is web based unified messaging service which provides you a free number for Faxes and Voice mails.To create K7 account for Free US Number Just follow the steps below

1. Go to here click sign up

2. A new window will open. Fill the form by putting your email address, Four digit code and captcha.

3. Now click submit that’s it your account have been created. Just remember your details for further use.

4. Now you can use this number for Faxes and voice mails.

How To Check Your Voice Mails And Faxes:

1. Go to here

2. Click on my k7. Put your number and your four digit code and click submit. Remember not to put dashes – parathesis  ( ) or commas in your number.

3. Now you can check your Faxes and Voice mails. If your message hasn’t shown up, click “Check for messages”

4. Download the verification message. The message should appear in the form of an audio message. Download it and open it with your media player. Listen the verification code put there where you want to use.

Note: If you ever get an error of using that number because it has already been used, repeat the whole process over again and create another k7 account.

That’s it for this blog hope you enjoyed: )

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