How to Bye Pass Photo Tag Verification on Facebook with PC

Facebook is very popular social media app. Almost everyone is using facebook but now a days there are many fakes accounts on facebook. Now facebook is deleting these kind of accounts or asking them to verify their account whom do not have given all there information or incomplete profile process. So complete your account details and stay save. So Just follow steps below

Bye Pass Photo Tag Verification

1. Open Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on PC.

2. For Proxy settings on Google Chrome or Mozilla go to Tools > Advance > Network > then change proxy to Port: 3128 or just use Automatic Proxy Setting For Google Chrome to set Japanese proxy click here

3. Then go to Facebook and Login your blocked account. You will not see any Photo Tag Verification.

4. You will be asked to enter a New Mobile Number which has been never used on Facebook before.

5. Enter your Number and you will get a confirmation code.

6. Just put the code in given area and Enjoy!

That’s it you are done follow my blog for more tricks


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