Create A Google Account Without Phone Number


Unfortunately this method isn’t working any more. I have Got working method you can see by going to link below 

How to create Unlimited Gmail Account Without Phone Verification 100% 2016 


If you wanted to sign up for Google, but the website needed a Phone Number Verification and you do not want to use your number. Don’t worry I will tell you how to do just follow the steps below
1. Sign up at the K7. For creating and using k7 account click here

2. Create a Google account. Fill in the whole form completely. Include your First/Last Name, a username, a password, your birthday, and your gender. Check the “agree” box to Google’s terms. Do not fill in the current email address and phone number. Then click “Next Step”.

3. Now is the time you copy the K7 phone number and paste it into the provided box. Select the “Voice Call” option and press continue.

4. Go back to the K7 website. Download and put the verification code in the Google page and click “Next Step”.

5. That’s it you have created your Google account.

Note: Be patient for Google’s voice message in K7, it can sometime.

Hope you enjoyed just follow my blogs for more tricks


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